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There is a new phenomenon of “skip bags” being used as smaller 2 metre skip bins.

These are great & have purpose for people wishing to have waste on site for a long period of time, however there is many claims that are made by the suppliers online that are simply not true & you should be informed & not misled about making your waste disposal purchase carefully.

The Below claims are untrue & false & need to be considered carefully:

  • “Up to 30% cheaper” – if a Bag in say Balcatta costs $39.95 & the pick-up fee is $169.00 then the cost is $208.95 how is this cheaper than say our same size skip bin in Balcatta for $150.00 all inclusive. In fact the skip bag is 40% more expensive!!
  • The bag is 100% recyclable” – the materials of the bag are recyclable, however the bags are constructed of differing plastics, Nylon for the handles, polypropylene for the bag  & other plastics for webbing & stitching. Plastic recyclers cannot recycle these bags unless they are unpicked & the plastics separated & then washed to remove contaminants such as dirt that has become trapped within the fabric. The suns UV Rays also break down the polypropylene which in turn makes it unsuitable for recycling.
  • “As strong as a steel bin”  Whilst skip bags are strong most of these companies have lifting limits & weights – Additional fees apply for loads that are heavy with some companies starting to charge additional fees at 350KG…………………………..& this is on top of the above purchase & Hire fees! – please read the fine print. In addition to this sharp & heavy objects such as steel or concrete can tear the bags. An important note to remember is that most of these bags are from China & the polypropylene will start to lose its strength when exposed to the suns UV rays – the bags may fall apart in less than 60 days when left outside in the sun & not be picked up resulting in additional fees to you!!
  • “Easy to load” as the bags don’t have a ramp to wheel a barrow with like a steel skip bin they can be anything but easy to load. On a humorous note I observed one of these bags being blown down the street before it had any waste placed in  it & the homeowner was scratching his head wondering where his “bin” had gone!!
  • “Environmentally friendly” The skip bag is anything but environmentally friendly. The plastic cannot be recycled with ease, the costs in producing & shipping the bags along with in store displays etc. is far more than the many uses a steel bin receives over its life. The steel is of course 100% recyclable at the end of its lifespan which is approx. 15 years. The waste from the skip bags tends to be landfilled by a contractor & not recycled, whereas waste from our skip bins is diverted from landfill in our own recycling yard with up to 85% of our combined waste being recycled!!

In Addition to the above points there is the following to also consider:

  • Many Skip bag rubbish disposal operators have a lead time of 5 days to pick up your bag from when you notify them that it is ready for pick up. Our skip bins have a known pick up date or if an early pick up is required than agreed it is generally within 24 working hours.
  • Our experience with smaller bins shows that they are often filled within 48 hours negating the need for a bag to sit endlessly on site.
  • Our bins have runners on the bottom to lift them up – this has a 2 fold effect, 1, to allow the bin to drain water away & prevent the bottom of the skip bin from rusting & 2, to not kill lawns, Skip bags will suffocate lawns when left for a period of time
  • Waste left in bins or bags for an extended period of time will break down & smell, this can be items such as green waste, lawn clippings, carpet & the like. As stated  most people will like their waste removed ASAP.
  • Steel bins are engineered to lift heavy objects – a comparable steel bin to Skip bag will lift twice as much weight safely such as concrete, bricks & tiles or soil & turf.

In short skip bag type bins have their purpose but will never be as good as a traditional steel skip bin. Weigh up the pros & cons for your needs & read the fine print for the total cost of waste disposal – paying particular attention to weight limits & the suppliers terms & conditions.

Most importantly ask what happens to the waste & if it is recycled & where it is recycled.  Don’t accept a simple “we recycle where possible” as it is meaningless. Insist that your waste be recycled & ask for proof such as independent auditing results or a tour of the recycling facility used.


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