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The Bin Guys DO NOT collect or accept asbestos or asbestos related products. All of our sites & skip bins are “Asbestos free” area’s
  • We do not accept any fibrous cement products in our bins including super 6® or Hardie sheet® type fencing.
  • Hazibags now available for fibre cement & asbestos disposal

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Asbestos Identification

Asbestos means any product that contains asbestos including vacuumed waste.

Deliberate concealment of hazardous waste in our skip bins is illegal & severe penalties apply by law.

Fines may be applied from worksafe, dept of transport, dept of environment & regulation, EPA or a combination of all authorities.

Hazardous materials are not limited to asbestos, but also include items such as liquid waste like paint, oil, thinners, chemicals & pesticides. Radioactive waste, medical waste, LPG gas cylinders & rubber products such as tyres & carpet underlay – these items are all unacceptable to be placed within our skip bins.

If you are unsure – please contact us, we are here to help you.

Any asbestos found in our bins will be reloaded into the skip & transported back to your site to be rectified. A charge of $220 inc. GST will be incurred with no exceptions for reloading & transport, further to this a weekly bin hire fee will be charged at $55 per week until the bin is ready to be collected free of asbestos & any other hazardous waste”. Our trucks have full GPS tracking combined with CCTV cameras providing full chain of custody of all waste so there is no dispute with the wastes origin.

Products that Contain Asbestos

  • Suspended roof tiles / panels
  • Roofing felt
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Vinyl tiles & some vinyl flooring
  • Carpet underlay
  • Wall cladding (commonly known as FIBRO)
  • Eave lining
  • Roofing & ridge capping
  • Guttering & down water pipes
  • Fencing & fence capping
  • Sprayed on insulation & acoustic materials
  • Gaskets
  • Heating & air conditioning ducting
  • Laboratory products
  • Heat shielding products
  • Brake shoes & pads

Asbestos Related Information

The removal of asbestos greater than 10 metres square, requires a licensed contractor. The contractor must have certification of accredited training. The person arranging the removal of asbestos has a duty of care to ensure that all persons are informed that the product being disposed of:

  • Contains asbestos (minimum 50mm high lettering on outside of sealed asbestos packaging)
  • All applicable laws have been followed including hazardous waste transport permits (see below)
  • Disposal of asbestos is done at a registered asbestos waste disposal site & not illegally dumped (see below)
  • All safety precautions have been taken such as the use of disposable overalls & class 1 disposable breathing respirators

Asbestos Transport Permit

A permit is required to transport and dispose waste materials containing asbestos.

The occupier of the premise that has produced the waste or an occupier’s agent (for example a demolition contractor) must apply to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for a permit to remove the waste.

The current fee for a permit to remove a controlled waste is $48. This permitting system allows the DEP to track the waste from the point of generation to disposal to ensure appropriate handling, transportation and disposal of the waste.

A separate permit is required for each site. A permit is valid for 3 months and allows for as many trips as required for that job.

The permit will state the approved disposal site and will include specific conditions for correct handling, wrapping and disposal.

A private resident transporting up to three sheets of asbestos fencing (1.8 x 1.2 metres) does not require a permit but must still comply with the general requirements for asbestos disposal in the regulations outlined in this brochure. A private resident transporting more than 3 sheets of asbestos fencing, and no more than 30, will require a permit but will be exempt from the $48 permit fee.

A permit to transport asbestos waste is issued by the DEP.

To apply for a permit during office hours:

  • Controlled Waste Licensing Officer Phone: 9222 8604 Fax: 9222 8674
  • 8th floor Hartley Poynton Building 141 St Georges Tce PERTH


Perth Asbestos Disposal Sites (North)

  • RCG Pty Ltd Lot 70/717 Quinns Road Neerabup 6031 9367 9958
  • Mindarie Regional Council 1700 Marmion Ave Mindarie 6030 9306 6300
  • Eastern Metro Regional Council Toodyay Road (Red Hill) Gidgegannup 6083 9574 6235


Use the below steps in considering whether the product contains asbestos:

  • Asbestos Fencing
  • Asbestos Fibres Exposed

AGE - If you believe the product was manufactured prior to 1990 then you should consider the product as containing asbestos. If your suburb was generally constructed prior to this time, then you should also consider the product as “containing asbestos”. For example, if you live in Scarborough it is highly likely that fibre cement products will be asbestos, whereas if you live in a new suburb such as Mindarie it would be unlikely the fibre cement product is asbestos.

MARKING - Look at the product for identification markings that state “Does not contain asbestos” if it has been marked as such the fibre cement product is safe to dispose of in our skip bins. If there are no markings then the product should be treated as containing asbestos. (see Photo)

COLOUR - Whilst not definitive, asbestos products tend to be darker in colour (grey) whereas cement fibre products that are asbestos free are almost white in colour. (see photo)

FIBRES – If the material you are are wanting to dispose of is broken you will be able to observe small asbestos fibres protruding along the broken edge. Cement fibre product will not have fibres. (Please do not break the product to see if it contains fibres as they may be released in to the atmosphere)

EDGE – Asbestos edges when broken are generally clean like a piece of broken glass. Cement fibre products will give an appearance on the broken edge similar to a piece of torn cardboard (see photo)

FENCING - If the sheet has 7 curves, it is asbestos, if it has 5 curves it is cement fibre (see photo)

Free Asbestos Disposal

Currently Mindarie regional Council (Tamala Park) operates a community program offering free asbestos disposal for local ratepayers every Sunday

There is a limit of 3 sheets of fencing per vehicle, this is subject to change.



The information provided on this website is for information only.

Whilst all care has been taken, we accept no responsibility for the actions of those relying upon the information provided.

In all instances we recommend a professional be consulted to confirm whether asbestos is present & to treat all fibre cement products as “containing asbestos” unless specifically marked otherwise.

Our emphasis with this page is to keep asbestos & asbestos related products out of our skip bins, providing responsible waste disposal & safety for our employees, the public & other person’s who come in to contact with your waste at waste disposal facilities.

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