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Have you ever asked the question – what happens to my waste once it’s placed in a skip bin? Is your skip bin provider environmentally aware? Are they green conscious & do they recycle your waste?

The Bin Guys are all of the above, our fleet of trucks are carbon neutral as we offset all of our emissions with Greenfleet Australia & we also use Green Power for all of our energy use.

We recycle your waste from your skip bin right here in Perth Western Australia.

We have our own recycling depot where all skip bins are taken for sorting before we even consider landfill.

Where possible we need to seek alternate uses for recycled materials & encourage their use & acceptance in the marketplace.


Can you help us achieve this goal?

  • By hiring your skip bin to dispose of your rubbish & waste through The Bin Guys you can!!
  • By recycling your waste, it helps us to keep our skip bin prices as cheap & affordable as possible and prevent waste from going to landfill.

We ask you to help us with this by:

  • Following our bin filling instructions
  • Keeping hazardous goods out of our skip bins
  • Using our discount bin pricing structure for clean waste that does not require machine or hand sorting – we pass our savings directly on to you.



Our Specialist Recycling & Product Recovery Industries

Our recycling does not stop at your waste – we need to show that we do as we say & reuse recyclable materials where possible rather than virgin resources in our own business.
In our recycling yard we have used 25mm crushed recycled concrete as our hardstand base rather than virgin crushed limestone.

Our gardens use recycled mulch from green waste and we also catch rainwater in our storage tanks for watering & dust suppression.

Even the irrigation pipe to water our grass trees (reclaimed from land clearing) is recycled from our skip bins.

Energy is from renewable sources such as sun & wind power and where possible we prefer to save paper and issue documents electronically.

All of our heavy equipment such as loader’s and excavator’s have their diesel fuel offset using Greenfleet so that their use is carbon neutral.


Paper & cardboard Requires hand sorting & baling into bundles Becomes recycled packaging, toilet tissue & newsprint paper.
Plastic (such as polythene) Requires hand sorting & baling into bundles Becomes recycled packaging films (black poly film), wrapping brick pavers & irrigation pipe.
Metal ferrous steel Requires hand & or machine sorting Becomes recycled More steel for use in cars & construction products such as roof sheeting.
Metal – non ferrous Requires hand sorting & baling Recycled into new Copper, Brass, Aluminium & Stainless Steel products
Timber (pine not treated or painted) Requires hand & or machine sorting Recycled to wood chips for re use in particle board (chipboard) or as chicken bedding.
Timber (Jarrah not treated or painted) Requires hand & or machine sorting Recycled into mulch & soil conditioning products.
Concrete Requires machine sorting & processing Recycled into road base
Bricks & clay Requires machine sorting & processing Recycled into new clay products after crushing
Sand Requires machine sorting & processing Recycled into pipe bedding & backfill after machine screening
Green waste Requires hand & or machine sorting Recycled into Mulch & soil conditioners
Glass Requires hand sorting Recycled into new glass products



CCA treated timber, painted timber, hazardous goods (please view FAQ page), carpet, carpet underlay, co-mingled waste - contaminated with dirt or greens so that they are not accepted by a recycling processor, for example chicken wire with vines (greens) wrapped through it or cardboard & plastic that has had dirt dumped on top of it.


E waste, PVC (above ground pool liners & cable insulation), UPVC (white reticulation & plumbing pipe or orange electrical conduit), Gyprock & plaster glass, textiles such as old clothes, some types of glass such as laminated or wire reinforced such as shower screens.

We appreciate your feedback & any new developments on recycling in Perth.


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